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Partnership Opportunities and Motorsport Marketing Services

Partnership opportunities and motorsport marketing services for the 2018 season and beyond.

Partnership Opportunities

Attention companies, are you looking for a proven marketing vehicle with return on investment?   
Better than digital marketing? 

An opportunity which gives real opportunities to help your business grow? 

If you have answered Yes to any or all of them, then please read on...... McKechnie Marketing have some amazing sports marketing opportunities for you. 

2018 sees the relaunch of our sports marketing services. It is even better than the last time. By taking time out to monitor how companies market themselves today has helped in putting together our new opportunities. 

Last month, a digital marketing company was advertising on social media that their services's would achieve a 300% return on investment showing a spend of £ 300K bringing in £ 1 Million sales. That's is not even good when the cost accounted for 30% of revenue spent.

If you watch the BBC’s Dragon's Den, you will often hear them to discuss how people have blown similar amounts and got nothing in return. 

Do you know why?  Ever heard of the saying putting all your eggs in one basket?  That's why. Companies are investing millions on an advertising medium like the next gold rush. It works for some but not all and in the end the networks are getting richer.

Our opportunities integrate with your digital marketing activities along with sales promotion and media management. If you are not into digital marketing, that's fine too. Our programmes are geared to achieve return on investment using traditional marketing methods.

Motorsports Marketing Services

Are you a competitor, team or championship event struggling to find partners or sponsors?  
Yes and it is a very hard game to get people on board.
McKechnie Marketing maybe able to help with our premium motorsport marketing service.
Our package includes sponsorship proposal and flyers, marketing audit, media releases and funding search service.  There is a monthly fee depending on the package , you choose and an agency fee on funds secured. 
In the past McKechnie Marketing have operated on a commission only basis, this is not commercially viable in the 21st century.
Everyone pays fuel, entry fees, membership fees etc  It should be no different for support services. 
There is no minmum contract other than a month's notice which is fair. 

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